World Music: Recording in Session Tanner Fresh and Deep Lyrics

Music Factory: Recording in Session Tanner Fresh and Deep Lyrics


Freshies its Tanner Fresh writing directly to all of you about my recording sessions where I recorded some of the deep music and deep lyrics I’ve been sharing with you on my social media. Today I went on an adventure through Oshawa, Ontario on my search to peak my creativity. I went to mall and picked up a new headphone cable for the recording session later that evening. On my way there I got side tracked and ended up at the beer store, but hey beer and music is never a bad combo. Beer and music it was, picking up a case of Colorado’s finest.

Working this new material and experimenting with sounds during recording sessions fun but time consuming and the studio was humid today. I’ve wrote song after song recently but the one that stood out to me was the raw recording I recently did for the one we’re gonna call “Managun”(it hasn’t been named just yet). This song is a tale about soldiers of war of any country or region and the viscous circle it has become. Inspired by our many fallen brothers and sisters or daughters and sons. It dives into deep lyrics and dark lyrics about people dying away at war for their countries and their sons and daughters following their footsteps to avenge them.

The recording sessions took place at different hours of the day but deep lyrics and dark lyrics were best served at night when the music was flowing. I wrote this as a meaningful poem and it evolved into something special that when served up for listening on my Soundcloud received positive reviews. The hook featured a group of people on the hook to make the deep lyrics sound full. Take a listen to the recording sessions via the Instagram post:

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