Tanner Fresh Releases “I Need a Dollar” Studio Video

In the Studio

Tanner Fresh was in the studio last week where he put a fresh spin on a classic Aloe Blacc hit known as “I Need A Dollar”. Other artists such as Chris Webby and Mac Miller have also spit rhymes over similar beats, so if your fan of them this song should hit home with you. Fresh tells a real and personal story from the past and blend it with some of my modern day struggles as a broke student who does need a dollar.

Background Info

Although it may feel a bit short and a bit of a teaser for the Freshies, it was really a song created to reflect a story that had built up in his head for awhile now.”I Need A Dollar” also showcases the clever wordplay and artistic skill Tanner has developed and mastered over his many years in the music industry. Just like you and I, Tanner also goes through similar hardships and struggles and he has previously been in those situations where he could scream out and yell to the people “I Need A Dollar”.

Lyrical Meaning

The lyrics walk us through a personal tale of Tanner’s life. His issues of being jobless at one point and drifting through time not knowing where he is going or where he will end up. Fresh also brings up his disputes with parents about his job and leisure activities. Tanner makes references to getting stopped by the police and how his search for a dollar is similar but different from regular forms of pan handling. The lyrics a posted below so you can follow along as you listen to “I Need a Dollar” by Tanner Fresh.

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