Tanner Fresh Interview in Mixed Tape Magazine

Tanner_Fresh_Mixed.Tape.MagazineOn Thursday, Brianna and Sarah sat down with up and coming hip-hop artist Tanner Fresh. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada and currently residing in the Oshawa Ontario, while studying Music Business Management at Durham College.   He was kind enough to let us interview him in his “humble abode”.   As Tanner sat on his bed awaiting questions to be asked, around him was a variety of recording equipment, a promotional banner with his name on it. The classic Canadian love for hockey was obvious in his room, which was covered with hockey jerseys and snapback hats.

Interviewer:  What got you started in making music?

Tanner Fresh:  Um, it was back in around grade seven, kind of just started writing raps by myself – without anyone really knowing, I started making beats and music. Started making music in my bedroom with a dollar store mic and you start to expand. Other people like my buddies (Troy, Adam and Kyle) started making music and we formed a group called “Fresh City”.

To read the full story: http://mixedtapemagazine.com/post/67715979630/tanner-fresh-interview