Tanner Fresh – Fancy Remix (Hip Hop Cover/Remix Iggy Azalea Fancy)

Tanner Fresh – Fancy Remix (Hip Hop Cover/Remix Iggy Azalea Fancy)


Tanner Fresh – Fancy Remix (Hip Hop CoverRemix Iggy Azalea Fancy)

One new thing that Tanner Fresh is doing for his loyal band of Freshies is releasing a hip hop remix or a hip hop cover of his favourite songs. Favourites can be defined as songs that simply catch his attention too! Keep in mind that all of these remix/covers include original written verses by mister T fresh himself.

This week for a Fresh Friday Tanner decided to put a fresh spin on hip hop and a fresh spin on “Iggy Azalea — Fancy”. Her flow in this particular song struck Fresh as Catchy and forced him to craft his own lyrics and customize the beat to his liking. Iggy Azalea Fancy is a new song that’s paving way on the Billboard Top 100 charts and has a hip hop feel blended with a mainstream pop vibe.

The hook features Charlie XCX who is a singer from the United Kingdom. A quick google search for “Youtube Charlie XCX” will immediately bring up other hits that Charlie XCX has wrote with her fun pop sing-song flow.

Toronto Hip Hop hasn’t seen a Tanner Fresh song like this before; Tanner uses witty punchlines to catch the attention of his listeners. T-dot rapper Fresh is bringing a fresh new sound each week accompanied by teaser videos to give his fans something to enjoy watching; He does this instead of simply sending out an MP3 for free download. Tanner Fresh Lyrics for Fancy can be viewed below and his fresh spin includes Iggy Azalea Fancy lyrics for the hip hop chorus/hook.

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