Tanner Fresh Drops “Start from Scratch” Teaser Video

FRESH FRIDAYS! Tanner Fresh drops another Fresh Friday song and this time it is a freestyle over “Start from Scratch” by The Game. The lyrics tell a story about wanting to change past decisions and striving toward being a better person. It also gets in depth about Fresh’s battle with faith, where at young age he lost his faith in God but later came back to it and was “rejuvenated.” The truthfulness behind the lyrics is something everybody can appreciate.

The teaser video for the song depicts Tanner walking through in what appears to be the past. It has allusions to his transformation as man with things like him brushing his teeth, combing his hair, and shaving; he is being changed metaphorically into a better and whole new man. The writing process of songwriting the “Start from Scratch” verse is also incorporated into the video, it shows lyrics being created and modified as the song progresses. In addition to the lyrics, the recording process of spitting on the microphone is depicted, which allows you to see how the song is made while adding the excitement of having a visual aid with the audio(Music).

As we all know time is not forever and the decisions we make each and every day affect us, with some being good and some being bad. We occasionally do upset and hurt those that we love and it’s in our best interest to make it up to them. This song portrays a series of broken relationships not just pertaining to family but friends and fans relationships too, Tanner intends to mend those broken relationships and keep them in good standing.

The lyrics are here below for you to follow along with the song and get a better understanding of the story and emotion being felt. We hope everybody enjoys it, stay tuned for more Fresh Fridays!

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